Float on!

Working 40 hours a week and pursuing a degree online comes with a lot of stress. It’s been a awhile since I was able to get home from work and not have to think about doing anything. It’s a grind, and I’m sure it will be well worth it, but it is exhausting. I don’t have children yet, but I would imagine the level of exhaustion is similar at times. I have found it difficult to find time to spend with family and time for relaxation. When I’m with my family, school is on my mind. When I’m out with friends “relaxing,” school is on my mind. I was struggling to come up with a good topic for this week’s blog, but I have found it. Today I did my first float therapy session.

I was a little skeptical when I stepped foot in the float tank. I started the music, got into what I assumed was a good floating position, and relaxed. I started with the light on, so I could be sure that i was in just the right relaxed position. As soon as I turned off the lights, I experienced a kind of clarity that is hard to describe.

I think I shut my eyes, although I’m still not sure because it was pitch black. Not an ounce of light was visible, even when I thought my eyes were open. I started to count my breaths, as the person running the spa suggested, and soon seemed to slip into a kind of thoughtlessness. The only thing that I can remember thinking about was if my eyes were open or not. I did not think about school. I did not think about work. I was just there without a worry in the world. I was lost in the binaural beats that were playing softly in the background. After the hour was up, I felt refreshed and relaxed. It was almost as if a weight was lifted off of my shoulders.

I have heard, and read, a lot about the benefits of float therapy, but never found myself to have enough time to give it a try. Today I forced myself to set aside an hour out of the day, just for me. I set out with the goal to just let my worries and stresses disappear, even if it was for just a little bit, and I was successful. It is quite an experience and I think I have found a new go-to when the stress is starting to be too much to handle.



Marketing Opportunity

Over the past month or so, my in-laws have been discussing buying a house that is attached to a campground in northern Illinois that lies on 21 acres of land. The funny thing about this is that they sold their house that was on 8 acres of land to downsize. When discussing this purchase with my wife and I, it was discovered that they were not only going to buy the house, but the campground and all that goes with it. They are going to become business owners and are looking to us to help grow this business.

When I toured the campground and saw the potential, my marketing mind immediately kicked into gear. I started thinking about conducting some sort of marketing research to get insights into the campers mind. The campground doesn’t have any major draw that I could physically see on the campground itself. There isn’t any kind of swimming available on the grounds and is surrounded by corn fields. But that is what makes the challenge fun and exciting.

My main focus will be on the the digital side of marketing. I will be tasked with spreading the word through social media and improving the functionality and look of the website. I’m sure I’ll also be recruited to do some maintenance and other physical labor around the camp ground as well.

I won’t be the sole marketing mind behind this venture. My mother in law works in the marketing department for a major health plan, my wife is a high school business and marketing teacher, and I am pursuing a degree in marketing with a digital emphasis. Between the three of us we should have our marketing bases covered. I am looking forward to applying everything I am learning to good use.